"I have a strong history as a servant leader in our community and our church. I am a Christian with a faith that is committed to serving, serving ALL citizens of District 25, our County, and the fine state of Mississippi.  I want to work for you! We need to create more living wage jobs through incentives that bring manufacturing and service industry to our county. We must continue to improve our schools by "raising the bar" and challenging our students to meet even greater academic and industry standards. We must make public safety - especially supporting local law enforcement, a top priority. Without exception we must protect our natural resources and support those farmers and landowners that work to conserve and improve our wonderful heritage. With more 30 years of management experience, and working closely with hundreds of people around this great county,  I know what it takes to find solutions, work with a variety of people from all backgrounds, and get things done."


Public education is the backbone of every community in Mississippi.  I would strongly consider district consolidation throughout the state in order to maximize efficiency.  Our teachers must be compensated fairly with consideration of their experience and rewarded for exceptional results. Statewide we must strive to "Raise the Bar" by challenging and inspiring our students! The workforce of the future demands the very best from our graduates and we should expect no less.  

Our school district, some 36,000 students, is at risk every year with the current financial support model in our state. We simply must work to reform education funding in Mississippi!


Land owners and the local farmer are at risk as our county continues to grow. We must have constructive conversations and debate as we consider future growth into the western part of our great county. This should include proper land valuation and incentives for conservation and crop management.

District 25 in particular is rich with Delta soil along with Farmers and land owners that work together to provide support for their communities along with food and clothing materials for the world!

Local and Private

There appears to be a significant lack of support for our Local and Private bills making their way through the house.  This should not be! Who better to administer their local affairs than the Locally Elected officials, boards and administrators! I will look to support Local and Private bills for communities throughout the state.


We must always keep in mind that before they were Tax Dollars to be managed by the government, they  were "People's Dollars" of which they work hard to earn!  We must work diligently to ensure an adequate return on every tax dollar spent.  This would include evaluating existing programs to determine possible tax savings.

Government, our House Representatives, must work together in a Good, Honest, and Cooperative manner for the benefit of all people! Government should not be a burden to the people they are elected to serve. Representatives simply must ensure our citizen's core values are well represented without influence from non-engaged groups or individuals. We must grasp the ideal that we in the House and Senate work together for the betterment of every community in DeSoto County and throughout the great state of Mississippi!

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